Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Rules

It’s time for me and Sundance to establish the rules of this blog. First, you’ll be seeing a lot of switches in layout and format as I mess around with the HTML (which will involve learning more HTML) in the coming days and weeks. I don’t like the current format that the blog is in, but it was the cleanest of the basic templates in my opinion and the best starting point for an easy to read and navigation friendly site.

Secondly, at my core I’m basically a nice guy. But there are two things that I am not, clean mouthed and PC. I will be swearing on this site a great deal and I am big fan of such insults as retard, mouth breather, UGA grad, etc. If you find any of this offensive, well it was intentional and I don’t give a fuck. This blog is going to be a source of a lot of emotional catharsis for me as a Georgia Tech and general Atlanta sports fan.

Finally, I am a Tech grad and huge Tech fan, but a lot of the aforementioned catharsis is going to come in calling out a lot of the things about our fan base, really all fan bases, that piss me off to no end. Sometimes I swear that the stupidest smart people on the planet surround me. Seriously, I doubt 50% of the fan base could pass a course in basic logic. It’s fucking mind boggling to read some of the arguments put forth by people that I entrust to build a bridge that won’t fall down. So spare your breath if you’re going to call me out for not being a real Tech fan, because I refuse to keep our skeletons in the closet. I think that is a bullshit high horse tactic at best and an intellectually dishonest one at worst and I won’t do it. I will call out general foolishness that I see from other fans and in the increasingly inept print news services, but I want to establish now that nobody, including myself, will be free from scrutiny.

Trust me it will workout for the best though, because I’m funniest when I’m angry.


Anonymous Bryan said...

Good luck. Too many Tech fans drink the kool-aid.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous gtryan said...

"If you find any of this offensive, well it was intentional and I don’t give a fuck."

I love it. I'm looking forward to you calling out some of the GT fans who take that high-horse route. It's much needed.

10:19 AM  

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