Friday, December 30, 2005

As close to 24 hours as you're getting

(The entire Tech defense and offensive line pose for a team shot before the Emerald Bowl.)

I tried to give myself a few days to cool down, but this is the best that you're getting. Last night's Emerald Bowl was an absolute embarrassment and the worst part is that you have to lay it at the feet of the entire team. In fact if I had to put up a positives section for the game it would look like this:

PJ Daniels and Damarius Bilbo looked like they actually wanted to be there.

There that's the end of the positives. Good thing we got them out of the way. As for the negatives, I'm on vacation and enjoying being away from a computer too much to but together the Robert Jordan sized tome of suckitude that I had to experience last night. We flat sucked. We were the suckiest bunch of suck that ever did suck. Tenuta got his ass handed to him last night. The one thing that will keep him from being a head coach is his obvious stubbornness to not give up on the vaunted zone blitz when it isn't working. Let's be very clear here, we gave up four fucking touchdowns (and a 2-point conversion) to a back-up QB and a WR that run nothing but post patterns the whole goddamn night. It was apparent that it was down year in the ACC for QB's, because Ratliff showed all you needed to beat us was an accurate passer with an o-line that gave him a few seconds to make a decision.

It was obvious in body language that nobody wanted to be there and yet again Gailey forgot he had a running back average over 6 yards a carry, because they managed to stop 2 running plays in a row. He has got to hire an actual OC that has a firebrand personality. The Nix and Gailey combo is too nice and guys just aren't fired up to be out there. And for anybody that wants to ask for evidence of this it's been obvious in at least one game a season for 4 years now. My personal favorites are Wake'02, Clemson in '03, UNC in '04, and now Utah (congrats on bumping NCSU guys) in '05.

I guess hearty congratulations are up for bumping the b-ball performance out of my mind as well. It's been a shitty week in Jacket nation and I'm just glad that I didn't have to go to work on top of it all.


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