Monday, December 05, 2005

That sucks!

I had typed up a whole nice post about the men's basketball game versus UVA yesterday and it got eaten. Of course, this is the one time I don't save the post in Word before I put it up on the blog. Well live and learn I guess. Here's a much shorter version of what I saw last night live from the Thrillerdome.

Jeremis Smith via hustle and gritty play is quickly becoming my favorite player on this team. If he can incorporate a consistent stand-up jumper in his game, he's going to be a beast.

Anthony Morrow is developing ice water in his veins. He's not 100% there yet, but it's going to be fun to watch it develop. I think come his junior campaign he's going to incorporate the best traits of both BJ Elder and Marvin Lewis.

Defense was improved again last night and I felt like we won the game by out hustling the other team when our shots wouldn't fall. Good effort overall.

I was a little disappointed that we let a couple of bad calls get to us and take us out of our game. That mental toughness just has to be learned though.

Transition defense still needs some serious work. We're just not stopping the ball well at all and as ACC play progress folks are going to take advantage of it.

De'andre Bell had the best game of his career last night and more importantly proved that he can shoot from the line with a 3-4 performance in crunch time. As much as I loved Ish, Bell is going to be him and more by the time his career is finished at Tech.

Zam had an improved game although his stats didn't show it. His D looked improved, not revolutionary or anything, and he put the team on his shoulders for a few series when we needed some buckets. He is not and never will be a Jarrett Jack style guard, but few are. Hopefully the fans will realize that sooner rather than later, because I think he will be a solid player for us.

Lewis Clinch is pressing something fierce right now. I think he'll get it worked out, but it's a little tough to watch. I'm wondering if he's working on the mechanics to his shot or something, because it just looks off right now.

Finally, the frigging fans need to stay through an entire game. It was Sunday fucking night at 8:00 PM people and you're leaving with a 1 minute 40 seconds left in a 4 point HOME basketball game. That is just absolutely fucking pathetic. I might give you a 12-16 point lead, but you're bailing when the kids need your support. If I could take down names and seat numbers, I'd try to get your tickets pulled during re-seating next year.


Anonymous gotech97 said...

Love the new blog. I agree completely with your comments about people leaving early. I don't understand why people leave. Is it traffic? It can get a little bad after a game, but it's never so bad that I feel the need to bail out on the team.

9:25 AM  

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