Thursday, March 02, 2006

Funny Because It's True

Bagging on my hometown of Columbus, GA is like breathing for me, an automated response that I don’t even have to engage myself mentally for.  I associate so many things that went wrong with my teenage life with that sweltering hellhole of a town.  Seriously, Dante’s next chapter of The Inferno would have discussed a boring, mid-sized, always hot, always muggy town covered in strip malls and auto dealerships.  Where the finest eating establishment is a lone Outback Steakhouse packed to the gills with horny GI’s trying to hit on your mother.

So when a fellow Columbus’ite (Columbus’ian?), writes a glorious rant with regards to the recent scandal involving men wearing clown suits performing football security (DISCLAIMER: no actual clown suits are in the article, but admit it, you laughed at the image) then I’m going to link that bitch.  Doug absolutely nails what being from Columbus is like.  Nobody has heard of it, even though it’s the home of the Coke formula, AFLAC, and 1996 Olympic Fast-Pitch Softball venue.  I could expound further, but just read his post.  He puts this one out of the park.


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