Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm a Bad Bad Blogger

I know I have been woefully lean on updates in the last few weeks, but to be honest this current basketball season has been draining.  Not only because the team can be frustrating to watch, but because our fans have once again gone batshit insane.  I knew folks were going to have us in the NCAA tournament after the first BC win and now folks have us losing every game left on the schedule and maybe even some pick-up games with the a 14 and under team along the way.  The best thing about a predominately engineering oriented fan base is the predictability.

I am going to write more on the blog.  But I think I’ll write more about Tech fandom in general and stay off of basketball.  I feel I have some interesting insights into what makes Tech fans so psychologically different than other fans.  Besides Nathan just does a fantastic job covering men’s basketball already.  The best I could do is link to him, but I shouldn’t have to do that, because you should already be checking his blog.

So updates are going to come, I promise.


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