Thursday, December 21, 2006

Not Really a Shock

(I’m honestly not going to tell you guys that this post marks a sudden upswing in the amount of articles on this blog. In fact I don’t know if it will ever be any better than sporadic since I got a promotion at work going into ’07 that will definitely increase my responsibilities. My employer is also looking to hire more sales guys which will also end up with more work for yours truly. So, no more empty promises. There will still be articles on this site occasionally as the mood touches me and if I travel regularly that will increase the articles as well. Thanks. –mgt.)

Some folks will talk about class, some will talk about disappointment, some will say things like “how awful it was to end a career like this,” but I say:

The truth is that I didn’t want Reggie to play in the Gator Bowl and now I got my wish. I’m not going to sit here and lament how it came about. I’m going to enjoy my moment. It’s not like the kid suffered some awful injury (outside obvious brain trauma as a child) or lost a close family member. A senior player on the team decided that class wasn’t that important (although how the coaching staff didn’t know about this is a frightening proposition, even more frightening would be if they did). At this point is anybody even really surprised that even in giving a chunk of the fan base what they wanted, Reggie still found a way to make it disappointing?

I honestly hope it’s a wake up call for the young man, but I’ve yet to see him learn from his mistakes so I honestly don’t believe he will start now.


Blogger Willy Mac said...

Dan, you're killing me. I know you joined the real world again, but please... we miss you. The world of college football blogging beckons to you. At least come back to IGR.

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Graham G said...


I reread your Tech fan post, and all of the replies. The guy who kept bringing up how good his diploma was, that's hilarious. Enjoyed the chat about next season in FSU and Gator Country down in Orlando. Hope you post some more...


8:31 AM  

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