Thursday, October 12, 2006

Odds and Ends: Idle Hands

Just a few quickies here before I preview the big battle against IDLE we have coming up.

Maryland: Well for 3 and a half quarters it looked like Ike Turner wasn’t a changed man at all. But in the end it really was just Tim Meadows pretending to be Ike Turner. Hopefully this truly is a turning point for the team in getting over letdown games, because we have a big one in 9 days against a Clemson team that’s riding high and fighting for an ACC title shot.

One quick note, but this is the first 5 game win streak of the Chan Gailey era.

Inter-league Message Board: I got an email offering to advertise WTGW from a message board and went to check it out. It’s actually a pretty decent site despite being completely overrun with mutt fans. I’ve linked them in my blog roll over to the right (I Gotta Rant) and am looking for some back up as the only active Jacket poster right now.

Maxwell Pundit:
I should have discussed this before, but excellent Notre Dame blog The Rakes of Mallow is having their own internet voting for the Maxell Award. While he’s way behind Troy Smith, Calvin is currently pretty comfortable in second place after six weeks of voting.

Finally, I leave you with your moment of Yellow Jacket Zen:


Blogger Chili said...

added WTGW to our blogroll at DFIG.

9:48 PM  
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