Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Odds and Ends: I'm Not Dead Yet!

Alright damn it, a three week diet of cupcakes (UVA I’m definitely looking in your direction) and a suddenly huge workload killed my posting streak. Being a Tech grad, I also think the continued use of words and the subsequent putting them together in a sentence thing broke my writing ability for a bit.

That being said, we’ve had some increased traffic on the site and our first real test since the ND game to start the season coming up this Saturday. So I guess I should get myself back into writing at least a little bit. I would even analyze the Falcons game, but since the announcing crew and America got their wish in NO winning the game I’ll just pass.

Moving On Up: Nathan has actually been promoted to paid blogger over on the AOL sports section. He’ll still be updating the Golden Tornado site in a fashion slightly more frequent than I update this site, but he’s putting up smaller information packed blurbs over on AOL as well.

Some other notable bloggers in the same boat are Ian from Sexy Results and Brian from Mgoblog. You should be checking all of those on a regular basis.

Yay, For Puppies: Keep Jeff from Ramblin Racket in your thoughts and prayers. It looks like he might be having his own little baby crotch licker.

True, True: Orson is going to be spending this week trash talking the fine state of Alabama. Of course he misses the paradox in expecting Alabamians to actually be able to read his online bashings.
Although Kenny Irons apparently got 4 credit hours for being logged on to EDSBS last week.


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