Friday, May 25, 2007

Critty is leaving . . . Hive Reacts Poorly . . .

Film at 11:00:

I just don't get how people who've never remotely been in a situation like Critty's could pass judgment on him being able to jump for the money. We're not talking Thad (who I still couldn't fault for going) who has a judge for an uncle and a solid middle class upbringing here. We're talking about a kid that had playground friends that got shot and a mother that busted her ass to give him every opportunity to avoid the pitfalls young black men can fall into. Now he's given a chance to not only do what he loves for a loving, but to set himself and his family up for life.

Somehow that makes him selfish, probably because all of his self-esteem isn't tied up in where he went to college.


Anonymous Jeff said...

People like to hold any public/celebrity figures to some high standard of "purity" in which finances should not greatly shape their decisions. Athletes shouldn't "sell out"; musicians shouldn't "sell out"; etc. Yet most of the people who make those criticisms work digshit jobs for no reason other than the $$.

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