Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tinfoil Hat Theory About the Tarver Situation

As folks are probably well aware, Theodis Tarver was ruled academically ineligible to play basketball for the rest of the season. However, he was only ineligible by GT’s standards and not the NCAA’s. Personally I think it’s a load of horseshit and they probably could have find something during his oversight hearing to give him a shot to get back on the team, but they didn’t.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories; in fact my theory on this isn't even much of a conspiracy. But I have to wonder if the administration would have played hardball like this if we weren't under NCAA sanctions right now?

If they are then that would mean that our AD and most likely our President are sacrificing the well being of a SA to save face for their own clusterfuck of a situation. Which is absolutely despicable, but the kind of bill passing that I have come to expect from Dave Braine in the last few years.

I can see him in his office right now with his bib on to make sure he doesn’t get in applesauce on his suit going “See! I’m in control here! I have absolute control of the situation! Look, how relevant and competent I still am!”

So to Dave Braine, please just fucking retire at the end of this year. Relevancy passed you at least two years ago and I think you might have been having long heartfelt conversations with senility in the interim. Unlike most of the alumni base, I have absolutely no delusions that our SA's play on a level playing field with the rest of the student body. You could have helped to fix this*, but instead are most likely trying to save face for your own ineptitude. So in my own not so humble opinion, you can go fuck yourself Dave Braine.

*Before the UGA and SEC comparisons start, I'm not talking about passing a kid that failed. Theo should have to retake any classes he did not pass. But if you think we haven't switched a few F's into I's on behalf of SA's in the past then I have a bridge for sale just outside of NYC that is a hell of a piece of property. A regular student might have even gotten them considering the family tragedy that Theo had to endure.


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