Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More on Tech and UGAg

Goldtimer from Wreck Ramblin linked to my post about the UGAg loss yesterday and I just found it this morning. I’m going to post here my comment on his site in case folks don’t check it often or have trouble getting it to work. I’ll go ahead and take this time to expand on my thoughts a little bit.

Thanks for the link Goldtimer. I don't entirely disagree with you either and
someday I'll probably post some more detailed and better prepared thoughts on
the subject. I agree that as in-state rivals it is typically a good thing for us
emotionally and logistically when UGA loses a game. However, I don't 100%
believe in the zero-sum theory with regards to UGA across the boards, i.e. once
you get outside of W-L's, like a lot of fans seem to believe. In fact, it's
pretty easy to create paradoxes in that line of thought.
My post was more a
showing of concern that I sometimes feel our fans tie their emotions to UGA more
strongly than they actually do to their own team. It just seems that we somtimes
root more strongly for UGA to lose than we root for GT to win.

I should go ahead and say that for me some of the best days of football are a Tech win and a UGAg loss. The worst days are a Tech loss and a UGAg win. However, where I feel I differ from a lot of fans, or at least the online community, is that many come across as a Tech loss and a UGAg loss is a middling day in between the two. I personally put it much closer to the latter than the former. In nerdy engineering terms, UGAg’s performance is a smaller factor in maximizing my football happiness than Tech’s. Many times it feels as if we give them equal weight on the Hive or in the blog community. This is where the little brother concerns come in.

In terms of the zero-sum theory, I do feel that bad things for UGAg, on the field, are good things for Tech. But to be honest, I find the reveling in UGAg’s off-season woes to be kind of despicable. I might get a little chortle out of it, but I have never understood how we can piss and moan about obnoxious UGAg fans and then do little jigs because a player got caught driving with a suspended license. To paraphrase, I have met the enemy and we have become him. I think if we’re going to move forward as a program we have to concern ourselves with our own house. Especially in light of all of the on and off the field woes we’ve had in the last four years.


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