Thursday, July 27, 2006

Odds and Ends

Slowly we are making our way back into college football season, which means I will have things to actually talk about. I am not and never will be interested in throwing out recruiting news there are other sites better equipped for that. Doesn’t mean that I’m not excited about what we look to have coming in for 2007, but just like the NCAA games the off season moves and stories don’t interest me as much as actual on the field product.

Still, I have been quite remiss in putting any worthwhile content on this site over the summer (beyond my motivating the ACC bit) and could have at least done some round-up type stories. So that’s what I’m doing here and maybe it will get me back in the blogging mood.

I also plan on drastically updating my blog roll with other sites that I have been visiting regularly and bribing my wife with sexual favors to help me with a snazzy re-design to the whole site. I’m also hoping to enter serious contract negotiations with Nathan to provide some more content similar to what I posted over there earlier this summer. It’s also my best bet for making the blogpoll.

To get the ball rolling I have just a little round-up of information and interesting tidbits out there for you:

Great new GT blog:

Jeff is a recent Tech grad and his relatively new site In Dodd We Trust is definitely worth a regular visit. He also writes and punctuates much better than I do.

Bosh makes the cut of 15:

Chris Bosh has made the cut down to 15 players for the USA men’s basketball team. He’s a great fit for international play and continued prominence for him in the NBA game is nothing but a strong recruiting tool for Coach Hewitt and Tech.

Basketball is just around the corner:

As stated before, I love me some football, but basketball is where my heart truly lives. ESPN U’s summer session had some great notes about the ACC in general with some great specifics about GT in there. The nation is getting excited about this coming season for Tech and so am I.

That’s it for a start and I’m hoping to have some more fun posts up in the coming days as well. Stay tuned!


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