Thursday, August 10, 2006

Odds and Ends: I'm Finally Off of a Fucking Plane!

Hah ha, you probably thought that I would update and then just disappear again. Well it was close to the truth, but I have been out of the office on the road most of the last two weeks. However I took some travel time to work on at least one new article for the site that should go up later today. Before we get to that, here are a few items passing around the Tech world of note:

Jeff is moving on up – In just a few short weeks, Jeff from In Dodd We Trust has been invited to leave the world of open free blogs here at blogspot and join the Sports Blog Nation. His new site is called Ramblin Racket and looks pretty damn nice. So congrats to Jeff and his success there. You should be reading the writings of anyone that ever said “there is no poon like Zentradi poon.”

ND Gameday shirts – A regular Hiver known has gtpsufan (who my wife also knows offline) has with some friends setup a t-shirt for the ND game. I personally think they are fucking hysterical. That of course means the socks and sandals crowd that comprises many of the vocal Hivers is upset about it. I think the next shirt should involve some dead baby jokes so we can show them what truly tasteless (yet hysterical humor) really is. Order you can order them in the thread, but you only have until tomorrow at 3 PM to get your order in.
Injuries already piling up – I’m honestly starting to really question our strength and conditioning programs. Every year we seem to have a lot of key personnel that gets banged up early or even suffering season ending injuries. Maybe I only notice more from Tech because I have my finger closer to the pulse, but I think if we look back over the years of practice starting up we seem to continue having this problem.


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