Friday, August 11, 2006

Football is starting!

Obviously my first love is GT sports, but another team near and dear to my heart opens up their “season” tonight against the New England Patriots.  Obviously I’m talking about the Falcons; who will attempt to improve on last year’s non-winning\non-losing season.  It’s hard to tell anything from the first pre-season game, but there are some things that I’ll be watching while the first team is out on the field:

Vick’s Passing – It’s already been confirmed in the AJC that Michael will get two series in the game.  I’m hoping we move the ball enough to get a decent mix of plays in there and see how his passing looks . . .

Receiver Quality – Alge is going to sit this game, so going along with Vick’s hopefully improved passing will be seeing how Roddy White and Michael Jenkins perform as primary receivers.  The loss of Brian Finneran for the year definitely hurts and we need these two to step-up.

Run Defense – As the face of the franchise Vick took a lot of heat last year, but the Falcons lost a ton of games because we couldn’t stop the other team from scoring in the final minutes.  It actually felt a lot like that ’99 Tech team that scored on almost every possession, but couldn’t stop my grandmother (dead for three years at this point) from blasting through the line for 8-9 yards.

New Secondary – We have almost a completely new look in the secondary.  Definitely a worthwhile change as last year’s secondary wasn’t worth the price of lead to take them out in the street and shoot them.  With Webster ahead of schedule for his annual injury we’ll get to see 2nd round rookie pick Jimmy Williams play with the 1st team defense.  Since he can actually lay the wood on folks, I’m anticipating him having the starting job by the end of the year.

Shockley trying to make the team – I tend to forego college rivalries once a guy is out of school, unless I absolutely could not stand him in college.  I liked Shockely at UGA and I’m rooting for him over Randall to take that 3rd QB slot.


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