Thursday, August 17, 2006

Odds and Ends: The Homers Club

Sorry for a light couple of days putting anything of substance up, but I haven’t had too much to cover that the other guys at better blogs hadn’t already said. I did have a plan to really help FightinAmish from the always hysterical The House Rock Built, is looking for a bit of advice on rolling in the ATL. Unfortunately, Orson Swindle came in with his big words and his fancy punctuation, and pretty much stepped right on my literary nuts. I recommend that everybody read that article, as it is a fantastic representation of Atlanta and Tech. Plus, he has an open call for adding your two cents to the whole bit.

Congratulations go to Jeff for bringing home the Coulter\Krugman award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence in the first blogpoll of the year. Actually the award is commendable amounts of homerism within your ballot. Jeff had GT ranked #4 in a ballot that on the whole didn’t even see them make the top 25. Bravo sir!

Nathan has finally given us the last of his mascot reviews with the second half of the SEC. I have to admit that having a live Tiger is about the coolest thing ever. Nathan will probably be back sometime in mid-December to tell us which conference is the overall winner. (I kid, because I love.)


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