Monday, August 21, 2006

Odds and Ends: Light Week Ahead

It’s a somewhat bad week again at work so posting might be kind of light.  On the upside I’m traveling a good bit towards the end of the week and I wrote the Lipton bit while on a plane and have a few different ideas for in-flight\layover time killers.  I’m hoping this means that next week will fulfill all of your wildest fantasies.  

Just a few odds and ends today to get us started:

Fan Day Was Fun

I made it to my first eve GT Fan Day.  Stefanie and I had a good time and she got to talk with James Johnson who played freshman football with her brother in HS.  James actually remembered Greg and asked how he was doing.  Some of our boys are really impressive in person.  Michael Johnson is a man and Taalib Tucker should just walk around saying, “I’m Taalib Tucker! I will smack you in the mouth!”  Some of the guys standing in the injury line seemed to be doing better.  Of course, there is a difference between being well enough to stand around in your jersey and being fit enough to play, but here’s hoping.  Next year we’ll know not to be fashionably late.  The line for Reggie, CJ, and Tashard Choice was over an hour and a half long by the time we got there.  

We took a few pictures and I’ll try to throw them up tomorrow or later today.

More Potential Big Time Recruits Around The Corner?

I tell you what; nobody is more surprised than me with the turnaround in recruiting we’ve experienced this year.  It’s like we replaced Shelley Levene with Ricky Roma out there.  I don’t know who showed up from downtown with the brass balls, but so far it appears to be working as the rumor mill has Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer, and Nick Claytor all potentially declaring for the Jackets next Thursday.

Joe Tereshinksi Named UGA’s Starting QB:

I don’t think this is much a surprise to anyone that’s been following the crotch lickers’ summer sessions.  Richt strikes me as the type that will be loyal to his seniors unless given very strong reason not to be.  Although, I don’t think Joe T. is starting by the end of the season.  Western Kentucky will tell a lot about the plans for this team.

12 More Days and Everybody Can Zip Them Up:

We’re in probably the most annoying part of the off-season and that’s the home stretch.  Fans from every school are out there shit talking their opposition for the first game, running down opposing teams, coaches, and players that coming up this season, and generally making asses of themselves.  It’s almost over.  Meaning that everyone can put their johnsons away and let the people that actually have direct impact on the outcome of the games get down to business.


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