Friday, May 26, 2006

Motivating the ACC

Well it took a chunk of the day, mostly because went down on me, but I too have now contributed to masses of motivational posters at there. I took a different tact on it though. Instead of a witty phrase I decided to go with advertisements for the fine institutions contained within the Atlanta Coast Conference.

Enjoy, I go to sit on a beach for the next week and sip cold drinks with umbrellas in them.

And of course a few others that just had to be done.

Why We Watch

Orson, obviously killing time on a pre-vacation Friday, hits one out of the park with his usual humor, but with a touch of poignancy as well.  Must read article for any football fan and GT fans will especially enjoy the video of a certain athletically infeasible junior currently on the team.

It also contains one of the greatest lines I’ve ever read, in reference to Walter Payton. “His segment of the film portrayed him as the diminutive, devastating right hand of an angry Jehovah bent on jacking linebackers in the jaw until the world was free of sin.”