Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Countdown to GameDay: Re-motivating the ACC

Last year's motivating the ACC was one of the more popular pieces that I did. I wish I could say that I carried that momentum into an impressive blogging empire, but mostly it stood as a testament to wasted potential.

As part of my new found committment to killing time at work, I bring you an updated football'esque version of the same concept.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Look it's another random 10

Since everybody else is doing it and I’m still a horrible idea thief, I present to you the first every Friday Random Ten for hear at WTGW?

Back to You – John Mayer
Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
Get Out the Map – Indigo Girls
Mr. Roboto – Styx
The Sounds of Science – The Beastie Boys
It’s All Understood – Jack Johnson
Stumptown –Nickel Creek
Ants Marching – Dave Matthews Band
Serenade – Mozart
What You Are – Dave Matthews Band

I share my I-pod with the missus and while we have a good bit of overlapping taste in music, not all of it is. For example you’ll notice that out of 10 random songs on an I-pod containing around 2,000 songs that DMB, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson all made it into the random 10. Let’s just say that’s not completely my doing (though I like Jack Johnson better than the other two.)

Still in keeping with the spirit of the random 10, I listed all of the songs that appeared without edit.

(Other than the Kenny G song that will be fucking deleted when I get home tonight.)

I gotta tell ya . . . I celebrate the guy's entire catalog.

Fuck You Dan Radakovich!

I could deal with the donations for seats.

I can deal with a new commercial that looks like it came out of a Daft Punk wet dream.

I can deal with staying tight lipped while your head football coach put on his finery and strutted his ass for any NFL team that would wave a dollar in his direction.

But this . . . THIS . . . is an effrontery that I cannot stand. My season tickets came in the mail yesterday and when I flipped those suckers over I now see that instead of my stub being good for a Free Chick-Fil-A sandwich there’s some kind of deal with Papa John’s Pizza . . . none of which is free! By god I got 14 delectable fast food equivalents of the peanut butter and crack sandwich last year and the year before that and you get the goddamn idea.

Clearly this a program headed in the wrong direction.

The secret ingredient is heroin.

(Brought to you by the blog that keeps you abreast of the real issues.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Two Men Enter . . . One Man Leaves

Truth be told my eyeballs popped out of my head when I read about this over the weekend. Taylor “Tater” Bennett apparently done hauled off and whupped Darrell Robertson’s ass at the end of the scrimmage. Some folks are worried about chemistry, some are worried about injury, but I, on the other hand, am just ecstatic that the goofy looking white boy that I saw at media day last year with his jersey tucked into his athletic shorts and cell phone clipped to his hip is apparently a misleading badass of the Jeff Speakman variety.

He will either beat your face in or get you a hellaish return on your income taxes.
Pick your fate!

In fact it’s good to see this kind of fire out of the team again and I feel like we should add some more Mad Max’esque features to our practices. Thus in my first post back as a newly dedicated blogger WTGW decrees that the following shall all take place immediately:

1. Phillip Wheeler in fitting in with his new title of the Paul Bunyan of middle linebackers shall hence forth practice and play dressed as The Humongous.

2. As part of our strength and conditioning programs, you Miss a Meal you Face the Wheel.

3. Pint-sized powerhouse and new OC John Bond will roam the sidelines on Chan Gailey’s shoulders speaking in broken English

Who runs offense now?

4. All practices fights will now involve Thunderdome.

2007 Georgia Tech Football it’s FANNN-tastic!