Friday, May 25, 2007

Critty is leaving . . . Hive Reacts Poorly . . .

Film at 11:00:

I just don't get how people who've never remotely been in a situation like Critty's could pass judgment on him being able to jump for the money. We're not talking Thad (who I still couldn't fault for going) who has a judge for an uncle and a solid middle class upbringing here. We're talking about a kid that had playground friends that got shot and a mother that busted her ass to give him every opportunity to avoid the pitfalls young black men can fall into. Now he's given a chance to not only do what he loves for a loving, but to set himself and his family up for life.

Somehow that makes him selfish, probably because all of his self-esteem isn't tied up in where he went to college.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Look! Something else for me to write about intermittently

In a potentially wasted effort to get myself writing again, I thought I would add some thoughts on a non-Tech sport that I am following with growing interest and education, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA.) Most people out there still know it only as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and even then they only remember the hardly any rules, no weight class, Royce Gracie demolishes everybody early days of the product. In fact until I started watching The Ultimate Fighter 3 on SpikeTv, even I had no clue how much the whole affair had evolved from spectacle to actual sport. In fact most people only know the UFC, but arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world fights for the Japanese Pride Fighting Organization (Fedor Emelianenko).

So anyway, I’m hoping to post some more opinions on upcoming UFC\Pride events. TUF 5 episode analysis and maybe a few other tidbits here and there to try and get myself back into the groove of writing regularly without resorting to random internet meme discussions. I’m not much for recruiting so I still won’t post too much there either.