Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Two updates in a week? Madness!

I said a while back that there would be new content, but not necessarily here and that has finally come to fruition.  Periodically I will be making posts such as that over at Golden Tornado.  This way one of the premier Tech blogs out there is never wont for new content since Nathan and I both work real jobs.  This also forces me into some responsibility as a writer so that I keep up with getting at least a single new article a week out.

This site will still remain, but I will turn it more into a real blog in that it will be more for swear filled rants and quick notes than what I give to Nathan.  So keep checking in on both.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let It Be Known that Dan is Not Above Petty Fan Behavior

Normally, I’m not into this kind of stuff.  While I wouldn’t piss on the University of Georgia were it on fire, I tend to worry much more about keeping my own house than what the neighbors are doing in theirs.  However, the news that Bobby Gaston’s replacement as SEC head of officiating is yet another Tech graduate in Rogers Redding gives me a warm feeling in the cockles of the heart.  So let me be the first offer a wholly petty and trite:


You see?  This is what you get when you try to sneak all of those damn mutts on our AD search committee.