Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Odds and Ends: What Sucky Weekend

Once again it’s been kind of slow posting around here and for that I apologize. I have some more big articles in the works and hopefully I’ll have them up in the next week or so. I’ll have plenty of time once people get through November as pre-sales work really slows down after Thanksgiving until New Years. With that said, there are a few odds and ends that I can cover.

I Don’t Wanna Talk About It – Last Saturday was an ass whupping pure and simple. You know you got your shit worked when you thing of all of the things your team could have done differently and the end result is still “well it would have been a more competitive game.” And for those talking about getting revenge in the ACCCG, fuck that noise. I don’t wanna see these assholes again until next season. I saw nothing that said the outcome would be any different if played them again at the end of the season. I think I just became a de facto BC and Wake Forest fan.

I Need Backup – I’m still the only Jacket actively posting on I Gotta Rant. Maybe I scared folks off talking about the number of leghumpers over there, but it’s a good board and could use a Jacket presence. The Arcade alone is worth it.

One Tech Team Still Won on Saturday – Of course it was a scrimmage so it was impossible to lose. I made it to Hoopsfest down on campus and watched the scrimmage for the men’s basketball team (tickets got here last week: shiny). As depressing as the football game was there is a lot to be excited about for men’s hoops this season. I quick rundown of what I saw

Thaddeus Young – Folks, he is everything that is advertised. He scores from all over the court, plays defense, rebounds, passes, and is athletic as hell.

I’m really excited to watch all of college basketball this year with the influx of NBA level talent. Especially considering how talented this year’s freshman class was on the whole.

Javaris Crittendon – Ran the offense really well and was definitely looking to push the temp. His outside shot was off, but he drove to the basket with reckless abandon and played really outstanding defense for a freshman player. Banged his ankle up a little bit, but then came back.

Zack Peacock – Obviously you take a step down from the two talents above and Peacock was no exception, but as more traditional college freshman go I was very impressed. First, he looks like he’s about 23 years old. If he grows into his frame even more, he’s going to be a beast. He also knew his role: rebounding and defense. He had one ugly shot and one great shot so consistency will need to develop there.

Brad Sheehan – A better athlete and more skilled than Luke at the same point in his career, but he will have to add muscle and knowledge to compete in the ACC. He is my most likely candidate to receive a red shirt this season.

Alade Aminu – Thicker and more skilled than he was last season. He’s not a Dickey, but he’s not the decrease in skill that he was last year. Other 4’s and 5’s will get sick of chasing this young man down the court during the season.

D’andre Bell – Moved to the back-up PG spot and looked like his handle has improved. From what I saw he’ll be fine at spelling Critty when he needs it, but his minutes should decrease significantly. He can still hit an open jumper out to 3-point range and that should not be discounted.

Lewis Clinch – Had a bad day shooting, but smartly became content to play defense and work the ball around. He still hit some nice shots, but he obviously was having an off day. I would like to have seen him drive to the rim more than he did.

Paco Diaw – Surprisingly improved in my opinion. He’s thicker and improved his handle from the looks of it, but could still be a reds hirt candidate since we’re so deep at combo guard this year.

Muha Faye – He had 14 points, several rebounds, played good defense, and negotiated peace between North and South Korea. All in all, a below average day.

Jeremis Smith – He had a typical Jeremis day. Several nice rebounds in traffic, good defense, and a couple of put backs and that’s all I really want him to do. He took a 3 and barely missed it, but he shouldn’t be shooting rather out than 10 feet with the rest of the players we have this season.

Ra’Sean Dickey – Dickey’s hands looked good, his moves to the basket looked good, his outside shot looked good, and his FT’s looked good. But he’s still one of those players that you feel could have played a little harder than he did once the game is over. I think it’s just his style and attitude, but if he plays like he did on Saturday we’ll be fine in the post all season while wondering if we could have gotten more.

Anthony Morrow – DNP. He looked thicker, but I don’t if that’s weights or the fact that he’s missed workout with the back injury.

Mario West – Mario did his Mario things. Picked a couple of pockets, made life hell on the perimeter for Critty in bringing the ball up and hit a couple of jumpers and dunks. By far the most emotional player on the court and hopefully he fills that Clarence Moore role that we were missing last year.

Matt Causey – He’ll sit this year due to transfer rules and that is a shame, because he would be an excellent back-up for Critty this year. He wasn’t hitting his outside shots, but he had several nice moves to the basket and also likes to run the court. He’ll fit very well into our system.

General Observations – The team is very tall and very athletic top to bottom. I think you’ll see a lot more transition baskets and a very up temp offensive style. Especially when Critty is running the show. It’s obvious that he, Thad and Dickey have a nice rapport between them as the blue team scored several times by taking the ball after a basket and catching the gold team loafing up the court some on defense. I also saw a lot more motion from the boys in the half court sets that will hopefully take some pressure of Hewitt for the poor offensive showings we had the last two years at times.

I was very concerned about FT shooting though as the team was struggling with that on Saturday. I think Dickey was the only person to go 100% and with the athletes we have and their ability to get around the rim these boys need to hit FT to punish the other team for lazy defense. Hopefully it gets better or Saturday wasn’t indicative of the team as a whole, but considering our woes from the charity stripe the last couple of years it was a little disconcerting.

No matter what this team should be fun to watch. There will be growing pains with two freshman in the starting line-up, but they are definitely stars in the making and since they’ll be surrounded by a talented and experienced junior class this could be a very special season in the making.

With that, I bring you your moment of Yellow Jacket Zen:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Odds and Ends: Idle Hands

Just a few quickies here before I preview the big battle against IDLE we have coming up.

Maryland: Well for 3 and a half quarters it looked like Ike Turner wasn’t a changed man at all. But in the end it really was just Tim Meadows pretending to be Ike Turner. Hopefully this truly is a turning point for the team in getting over letdown games, because we have a big one in 9 days against a Clemson team that’s riding high and fighting for an ACC title shot.

One quick note, but this is the first 5 game win streak of the Chan Gailey era.

Inter-league Message Board: I got an email offering to advertise WTGW from a message board and went to check it out. It’s actually a pretty decent site despite being completely overrun with mutt fans. I’ve linked them in my blog roll over to the right (I Gotta Rant) and am looking for some back up as the only active Jacket poster right now.

Maxwell Pundit:
I should have discussed this before, but excellent Notre Dame blog The Rakes of Mallow is having their own internet voting for the Maxell Award. While he’s way behind Troy Smith, Calvin is currently pretty comfortable in second place after six weeks of voting.

Finally, I leave you with your moment of Yellow Jacket Zen:

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Uh Oh, Dan Figured Out Youtube

A simple combination of two of my favorite things in the world: GT and Adult Swim.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Odds and Ends: Post VT Thoughts

Once again I leave all of the statistical analysis to other bloggers who are more qualified (read interested). I’ll just throw props to the entire team in what was possibly the best team performance since the 1998 game vs. UVA. We dominated in every facet of the game and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that.


The offense looked good when it was really needed and then looked a little confused to be up so early and so easily. Here’s hoping they don’ panic about scoring 3 touchdowns in a single quarter and keep that momentum rolling.

Calving Johnson has truly become a threat from anywhere on the field instead of just on the jump ball. Anybody that thinks Ted Ginn Jr. is a better receiver than Calvin or Dwayne Jarrett more likely than not rubs one out in the library on occasion. (Hell, Ginn isn’t a better receiver than Rodriguez.)

We lined up and powered the football some. The o-line finally played with some pride and Choice had the game I’ve been waiting for all season. He was dancing around the whole so much in the first 4 games that I thought we should get him a tutu.

I don’t think much else can be said about the defense other than they will cut you.

Whatever in the fuck the coaches are feeding the special teals, it needs to be doubled.


Reggie still looked like Reggie on the one interception. It was especially egregious, because he missed a WIDE open CJ in order to try and force a jump ball into a triple covered Greg Dunlap. The second INT was Calvin’s fault and there’s no arguing it. I don’t know if he thought the ball wasn’t coming his way, but if he looks for it then it’s a 30 yard completion or at least an incomplete.

I don’t know what it is that we put in the other teams water, but every game this season has seen on benefit from some egregious dropped passes. I don’t know if it’s the whacking we give the QB throughout the game, but I’m still a little concerned about the secondary if some of these get caught. On the plus side, we’re talking the best I’ve seen in years.


I’m strongly considering becoming a college ref, because apparently the only requirement is breathing and the guy working the replay booth for Oregon\Oklahoma sounds like he was struggling with that. They completely choked on 3 reviewed calls (2 favoring VT and 1 favoring GT.) Threw an unsportsmanlike conduct flag on a single player TALKING to a huddle of opposing player’s around him and decided that it would just be legal for VT to hold for the last 7 minutes of the game. Frankly if you could bottle bowel cancer and send it as a gift I’d be willing to give it a shot.

Nathan covered it beautifully, but I’m giving an ugly to our fans that can’t be fucking happy at least once in their lives. I swear it shames me that I share a degree with most of these retards.

Odds and Ends:

Schadenfreude – Is the joy I take in the absolute implosion of Ted Roof and Bill O’Brien’s regime at Duke so wrong? I know most of the Hive rides Ted Roof’s black striped jock, but that fucker single handedly cost Joe Hamilton the Heisman trophy. Watching O’Brien call a game was like watching special Olympic basketball. You felt giggly, depressed, and shocked all at the same time. Gailey’s offense is dull as hell, but Billy O defined the word clusterfuck.

Maryland – I know we apparently have a lot of fans talking trash about this Maryland game and on paper we should definitely be making a sandwich with their cheese. But right now I’m still guarded. This game is the equivalent of Ike Turner standing outside on my porch with flowers and a contrite look on his face telling me how changed he is. Do I let him into my house and potentially take another NCSU\Utah or do I make him wait and prove to me that he’s changed? I’m currently cautiously optimistic due to a senior laden team that seems to enjoy sandwiches and the making there of, but Ike’s not coming into the house until Saturday night.

I’m sorry Kevin Nealon.